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Room Bookings

Booking Policy

Before you book, please note:

  1. We cannot accept bookings on Thursdays After 8pm, or Fridays Between 4-8pm
  2. We dot not accept bookings for "All Ages" events

*Management reserves the right to amend, cancel, and move bookings for any reason

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Room bookings are free for all members!

Members also receive priority for bookings*
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This submission does not confirm your booking. You will receive email communication to discuss details and confirm your booking. By submitting you are agreeing to abide by the Grad Club Booking Policy

Rooms/Floors available to book:

  • Henderson Room

    First Floor, Henderson Rooom

    • $50 (Members book FREE)
    • Max 40 persons
    • Access to main bar, cannot book bar privately
    • TV available
    • Enclosed room; best option for talks, meetings, or other 'noise-free' events


  • Main Room

    First Floor, Main Room

    • $50 (Members book FREE)
    • Max 57 persons seated, additional with seating removed
    • Availability is limited
    • Access to main bar, cannot book bar privately
    • Stage, Projector, and Mounted Screen available
  • Second Floor South Room

    Second Floor, South Room

    • $50 (Members book FREE)
    • Max 35 Persons
    • TV available
  • Second Floor Law Lounge

    Second Floor, Law Lounge (North Room)

    • $50 (Members book FREE)
    • Max 45 Persons
    • Large Tables available
  • Second Floor + Bar

    Entire Second Floor

    • $90
    • Max 80 persons
    • Private bar available for $35.00 deposit (non-refundable)
      • Members must also pay the bar deposit


General Pricing

  Members Non-Members & Coporate Events*
Single Room (Tuesday - Friday) FREE $50.00
Weekends (whole house) $200 $400


Catering orders MUST be received at least 3 days in advance.

All prices are before TAX and 15% Gratuity
Membership 10% discount not available on catering trays

Catering Quantities (our recommendations)

  • Groups of 15-30, a few small trays
  • Groups over 30 people, a set of large trays
Vegetable Spring Roll Platter
Approx. 100pcs
Assorted Wrap Platter
Approx. 24 half wraps
Crudite Platter
Seasonal vegetables with either Hummus or Caesar Dip
Assorted Fruit Platter $60.00
Dessert Cake Platter
Assorted desserts/cakes, approx. 30pcs
Hummus and Chips Platter $25.00
Meat and Cheese Board
Assorted cured meats and cheeses

Additional Services

For A/V rentals we recommend Kingston Soundworks

368 Rideau St
Kingston, ON K7K 3B1
+1 613 344 0300

Any other special requests must be confirmed at time of booking.

Rooms  |  Pricing  |  Catering  |  Policy