The Grad Club

NQ Arbuckle April 2023

NQ Arbuckle
Saturday, April 22, 2023
at 9:00 PM

Doors 8pm / Show 9pm

Ages 19+, Presented by Flying V Productions

An Evening with NQ Arbuckle! We are so excited to have one of The Grad Club favourites return!

Drunk dudes from Huntsville or Lethbridge or St. John’s or wherever hang on every word. Everyone sings, mostly louder than the band. The word mothertucker is a compliment. Every show is an uprising, a groundswell. Don’t let the self-deprecation or inebriation imply that NQ Arbuckle isn’t serious about the music. This band has earned multiple Juno nominations, considerable critical praise (Pitchfork, Globe and Mail, Toronto Star etc.), and a legion of rabid fans. NQ Arbuckle has consistently created impressive, treasured albums for more than a decade. But NQ Arbuckle has never made a record like this before.