The Grad Club

Lizzie St Cloud: A Solo Show

Lizzie St Cloud: A Solo Show
Drag Show
Friday, March 15, 2024
at 8:00 PM
Pay What You Can

House of St. Cloud Presents: Lizzie St Cloud: A Solo Show

Let Lizzie's story telling through music and digital media take you on a journey as you get to know them on a deeper level.

Expect a night of sultry, silly, powerful and expressive entertainment with music spanning genres including rock, metal, hip hop and musicals.

Expect to see a few familiar faces and learn the lore of Lizzie St Cloud.

This will be a drag show like no other.

There will not be a traditional host for the show but there will be two acts and an intermission. All audience members who stay until the end of the show will be given a souvenir to commemorate the night.

25% of profit from ticket sales will go directly to Kingston Interval House; let's keep cash in our community. Tips are always accepted and greatly appreciated.

Pay whatever you can; $15 is the suggested amount.

Warning: this show is 19+ and contains loud music, flashing lights and themes involving drug use; sex; self harm, etc.

The Grad Club is an accessible venue and a safe queer space; subtitles will be on a projection screen.

This show will be an experience; come ready with an open mind.


Embrace the future as you meet the Lizzie behind 5 layers of Elmer's disappearing purple glue!